The Fiducia Group Inc. is a real estate development and advisory team offering the full range of services necessary to expand and optimize the value, use and profitability of real estate ventures. These services include Development Advisory, Due Diligence, Debt and Equity Advisory, Valuation and Analysis. Through our network of partners and associates, we provide specialized expertise to consult on the development and implementation of strategic real estate positioning and project development plans in support of core objectives throughout the real estate cycle. We believe that by providing integrated services we can offer a full range of advice that will provide effective solutions to a variety of real estate development needs from financing to planning, development and operation.
  • Our Network of Expertise
  • Summary of Services and Expertise:
The Fiducia Group provides a network of expertise that has been created over 15 years of experience in providing consultation services for real estate acquisition and development. We have developed strong relationships with the key players needed to make a project successful, therefore, we can design a project road map and timeline, detailing the key players and success factors required for the real estate assignment. We will manage the assignment throughout with focus and determination and always empower our client with the decision-making authority with the goal of achieving superior results. The Fiducia Group will provide a full spectrum of real estate professionals from real estate marketing expertise to municipal affairs professionals. Together, our network of expertise will add value to the real estate project that will make it easier for any investor, lender, developer or buyer to extract value as well. We will act as a primary point of contact and leverage our network to provide a powerful range of tools to participate in strategy, tactics and execution of a real estate project. Combine this with an integrated financing model for equity or debt funding, underwriting and negotiating skills, and it is clear to see how we can provide value to a real estate project.


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